Our adventure around the Mediterranean

Come with me and let’s raise the anchor...
The sea air engages us with an irresistible desire to sail on the calm and gentle waters of the "Inland Sea". Let's head for the wild blue yonder and sail off to an array of sunny destinations. Let's enjoy every moment, and make the most of every day and every night. Life is beautiful from the moment we decide to enjoy it. Forget the little stories and live the big one. We are off on a Mediterranean break that takes us to Valetta and Tripoli, places us under the palms of Alexandria or on a terrace in Santorini, Cinqueterre or Mykonos and along the Côte d'Azur. No matter where we are, let's open our eyes to the thousands of colours, listen to the splash of the waves, and breathe deeply the Vent du Midi. With friends, something to drink, something to eat, a boat and no watches or clocks.
From west to east, from Europe to Africa, the sea offers a wealth of influences that we have harvested to create a complete and sophisticated collection. The limpid waters of Kotor, the lands of the Maghreb and the paving stones of Italy give us nuances of azure, ochre and grey shades. Vines, citrus fruits and the houses of Provence complete the range with tones of green, yellow and pink.


Mens & Women collections


For men and boys, we have planned a torrid and multicoloured summer, stamped all over with trendy floral and textured prints. You will also find lots of sailor tops available in different colours and faded with the rhythm of the waves. Wear one of our many pairs of chino shorts to enjoy a long walk beside the Mediterranean, with your feet in the crystal-clear water.

Put on one of our delightful Smart Line collection of light poplin shirts with their trendy patterns, to end the evening on Portofino waterfront.

The women's collection is divided into four themes. “Delights and Treats” with its pink, peach and fuchsia in items such as long jackets or sweatpants. Then let yourself be taken away by the "Bohemian", with its Latin atmosphere, sprinkled with pineapple or palm leaf motifs on a long-sleeved jumpsuit for example. As for the "Retro Romantic" theme, it’s punctuated by a return to the stylish Mediterranean of the 1950s. The range includes floral and indigo blues, denims and silky fabrics. So hop into your cabriolet to take a ride in Cagliari in your re-imagined polo dress. Leave the yacht with "Sun & Jet Set" and bury your feet in the warm sand. Tangy colours, lemon and pistachio light up in the sunshine. Make the most of the sun with sporty shorts or a fluid and feminine dress. Get ready to party until dawn on the Riviera.

Kids Collection

Blazing Sun - Good Waves

The catalogs


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